Faux Furs

Being born and raised in Miami where winters are a crisp 70 degrees with a chance of sunburn, rocking winter looks was never really an option unless you wanted to end up in the emergency room with a heat stroke. So since moving to New York I've filled my winter wardrobe with all the cozy fluff I missed out on for 24 years, mainly faux fur, yes I love my chunky knits and my over the knee boots but my love of faux fur jackets is the kinda love you only see in movies. The way they can transform a graphic tee, jeans & sneakers into a head turning street style look, then in a blink of an eye jazz up a simple satin slip dress taking you into the night feeling sexy AF. I've always sought out interesting colors and patterns when it comes to faux furs and it was always a mission furpossible, but recently stores have really upped their game introducing fun colors and unique silhouettes. So in honor of these magical furry creatures I've gathered my top favs faux furs and plastered them here for your oohing and ahhing pleasure. Enjoy and shop responsibly ;)

alex parodifur